Here are our 5 tips to help you get started with your Content Marketing Strategy:

Content marketing helps businesses plan and prepare for cost-effective sources of website traffic and new leads.  There are a multitude of content formats and channels that you can share your content on and it is by implementing a strategy and collecting and analysing the data that you can learn which sources are most successful to you and your company.


Step 1 – Have a Content Marketing Plan

The first key point about content marketing is that you must have a content marketing plan, the second thing is to create a marketing plan that is realistic for you and the resources and capacity you have and what I mean about realistic is that content marketing has to be consistent and the content you create must be quality.


Step 2 – Be Consistent

The best of brands have been there where a post will go out once a day for a month but after a month, when the business is super busy and people have been pulled to other daily tasks, the posts get forgotten and the truth is, so does your brand.  To make an impact with our online brand presence we have to show up consistently to be at the forefront of our customers minds.


Step 3 – Have a Content Marketing Plan

To be successful at Search, Social & Outbound marketing you have to create insanely great content.  Not only does great content propel you up the search rankings, it gets peoples’ attention on social media and it drives people to your singular goal.  You must always use data to underpin what your content should be on, see the Moz Guide on 30 minute Guide to Keyword Research here.


Step 4 – Have a Goal

Whenever you plan any marketing for your company, the core questions must always be “what are we hoping to achieve? What do we want our customers to do?”.  All the marketing investments you make must drive your customers onto the next stage of the customer sales journey.  So think of the bigger picture, is your campaign to build awareness? Establish your expertise, educate buyers, generate new sales leads? Write it down.


Step 5 – Always use Data to Measure Results

Once you have worked out your goal, you then need to identify the metrics you need to capture. It is important to identify what is working for you so that you know your success factors and also what isn’t working so that you can do more of what works. We recommend creating marketing campaign-specific URLs, setting up goals and custom reports in Google Analytics.

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