Marketing is changing all the time, however, the truth is that some forms of marketing like email marketing are more or less the same as they’ve always been and it is still a very efficient and effective way of building a relationship with your customers.

The basic element of success for email marketing is to come up with content that is interesting, unique and engaging. The email message should make the readers take action. This is something that most people know, but creating such high-quality, engaging content is sometimes difficult. While it is true that there is no universal formula for creation of valuable and engaging content, it is also true that there are some things that work better than others. Here is a list of 5 tips for creating a Newsletter people will want to read.

  1. Identifying inspirational sources

Lack of inspiration and creativity is a common problem for small business owners when making their newsletter. By finding a good source of inspiration, you should be able to remove this blockage and come up with something original. There are many different sources that you can use. For instance, you can read and analyse newsletters from other business in your industry or even those that are not part of your industry to see how they go about it. Follow other business on social media and analyse their content. Read magazines and newspapers and keep a notebook to write down ideas. Over time you will be inspired about how you can formulate your own newsletter and how to adapt their ideas so they are relevant to your audience.

  1. The email template

Just like the content, the template of the email plays a vital role in the attractiveness of your email/newsletter. Templates are always changing, so you should follow the latest trends. It is also a good idea to go a bit old school and create a template on a piece of paper first. This will allow you to test a few ideas and come up with something that you can translate online.

  1. Choose a theme

When we say choose a theme we don’t mean using one theme for all your emails. According to many email marketing experts it is better to change the themes every season. For example, if your newsletter should be shared before Christmas, it is quite obvious that you should use a theme linked to the festive season. By doing this, you will focus you readers on upcoming events, give them useful and valuable information and share your business message at the same time.

  1. Use a coupon

Couponing is one of the favorite activities of online consumers. People, regardless of their social status and financial situation, love coupons and every email message with a coupon in it will grab their attention. This doesn’t mean that you need to provide huge discounts; even small offers are generally snapped up by an eager audience.

  1. Preparing a checklist

Create a checklist which contains some of the basic elements of a successful newsletter. You need to answer the questions on this checklist every time you are making a newsletter in order to be sure that you have not missed anything.

Are you looking to create a newsletter? Is your current newsletter format not cutting the mustard?

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