What is Black Hat SEO?

When looking at SEO there are 3 types of techniques that people use to make their page visible in the search engine, these are known as Black Hat, White Hat and Grey Hat SEO.

These techniques refer to different forms of tactics in order to rank in search engines, Black Hat SEO is increasingly risky and a disapproved practice where the pages are full of aggressive techniques to improve a pages ranking in the search engine rather than a human experience. This is against the search engines terms and therefore can result in penalisation to your site when you are discovered to be doing this.

Black Hat Techniques to Avoid

Here is a list of Black Hat Techniques to avoid:

  • Keyword Cramming – This Is when the content on a page doesn’t make sense because the person writing it has simply tried to write the key words as many times as possible without consideration to the content actually making sense!
  • Cloaking – Cloaking is a term for when a webmaster (a person editing the content on a website) has made content on a site to be the same colour as the background that renders this invisible to people reading the page.  The reason why webmasters started doing this was so that they could write the key word as much as possible, but search algorithms are now fully aware of this black hat technique so our advice to you… is don’t do it!
  • Duplicate content – This is where content is duplicated on your pages, always use fresh content on all pages.  Always make sure you do this for meta descriptions too.

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