Here are our top tips that will help you to keep your Google Adwords costs low but boost your quality score.

  1. Effectively challenge your competitors keywords

The important thing here is to only ‘challenge‘ your competitors – do not pretend to be them in your ad! You are allowed to bid on your competitors’ brand names, you just aren’t allowed to use their brand names in your ad copy.  Also, the same rules apply make sure the content of your ad is relevant and that your landing page is giving your traffic exactly what they are looking for.


Ways you can challenge your competitor can include bidding on their brand name or looking for service alternatives.. e.g. ‘Trello alternatives’ could be something a company that provides organisational, team working services could bid on *we love Trello at KP Digital Strategy though, so definitely not something we would do!

Things to remember:
You are allowed to bid on competitor brand names, just just can’t use their brand name in your ad
Quality score tips:
Make sure your ad is relevant to the search terms and your landing page makes it easy for people to get what they want
Be real
Don’t ever pretend to be a company you aren’t in your ads.  This can cause your ad to be reported and removed… and rightly so.
2. Make sure you are clear about what you don't want to appear for

Focus on negative key words

A key part of planning your campaign is thinking about all the search terms you don’t want to appear for.  So here’s our list of things to remember:

  • Mispellings
  • Key words that may have 2 meaning (these are called Homonyms) – if you are a building suppliers and are selling nails – make sure you specify that they aren’t the ones on your hand kind.

03. Remarketing

Make sure you personalise your remarketing ads so that they are custom to where people left your site.

For example:

  • If someone left your website at the shopping cart and didn’t buy – the ad could be a coupon off their order
  • If you were offering a free website audit then make sure the ad mentions the benefits to their business of the completely free review.

04. Use Gmail ads

Many people overlook the potential of Gmail adverts.  Two ways you can use them is:

  1. To target people who have visited a specific website
  2. Target people that are communicating with specific domains.

Here is a guide to help you get started with Gmail ads

05. Extensions

Google Adwords extensions allow you to add additional information about your business and as a result ‘typically’ they increase your click through rate by several percentage points.  The other benefit is that there’s no additional cost to add extensions to your Google Adwords campaign.

Watch the video below from Google on how you can benefit:

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