How and why you should use illustration in web design?

Many people wonder why they should use illustrations in their web design when there are so many good stock photographs on the Internet. On top of that, photos are available with high-quality resolutions and look pretty amazing and the majority of popular brands are using photography to improve their brand image. So, all things considered, why would someone use illustration in web design?


Well, the fact that modern images are so perfectly optimized and polished makes them a little bit unrealistic and ‘photo-shopped’ and, on top of that, these photographs look very similar which means that many brands have problems when they want to make their brand stand out from the crowd and differentiate their message.


Another thing that you need to take into consideration is the attention of average Internet users. Statistics show that the majority of Internet users evaluate a website’s appearance and usefulness in less than ten seconds. They can read 40-60 words in this period of time. However, they can also check a few photos or illustrations too and, as we all know, images are worth a thousand words. Whilst it is true that good photography is very attractive, it is also true that people know how to determine fake and real photos very fast. So, if you are using stock photography, this makes their experience on your website less authentic and then you can struggle to build trust.


On the other hand, good illustration can help businesses and website owners express their feelings, highlight their beliefs and mission, and put across their message in a more individual way. To start with, illustration is original and adjustable/customisable. We have all visited websites that have the same old photos of happy workers on them or photos of business meetings and people in suits. They look staged and pretty lame. An advantage of using illustration is the opportunity to really personalise your brand’s message. With illustrations you will be able to use unique imagery that will make your brand stand out and give you something different in your marketing armoury.


By working with a good illustrator you can make your illustrations more engaging and connect successfully with your audience. Good illustrators know how to add interactive elements that will make visitors take certain actions. Illustration also allows digital artists to unleash their creativity to the maximum and many of the illustrations you can find online look like true works of art.


In order to get the most from illustration in web design you need to make sure that you hire an experienced and professional design company that can provide high-quality illustration services.  Contact us now and we’ll give you a few ideas about how you can use illustration to enhance your website.

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