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We take a look at how we developed the logo for Langley Foxall Software development from concept to final design.

Nick from Langley Foxall first approached us to design his logo in 2015, he wanted a logo that was different in style to other Software Development companies.  Now, we are in 2019 and the logo has given Langley Foxall a recognisable brand that has gone from strength to strength. Nick wanted to review the logo as he wanted to introduce a tagline and explore the layout and colour options further.

We started by identifying the core brand colours

We identified 36 colour shades in the existing logo so we started to develop new versions that simplified the amount.







Then explored ways that we could simplify the design

It was important to Nick that we only simplified the design as opposed to changing it completely so we created 8 different designs for him to review.

Logo colour variations

We presented colour variations to give a comparison

We wanted the team to be sure that they were completely happy with the existing colour so gave them a comparison colour palette.



Gun metal

Dark liver

Persion orange

Black shadows


Logo layout options

Square logo design
Landscape logo design
Alternate sides logo design

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