Organic search – what does this mean?

Organic search is when your websites pages appear in the search results for the key words you have optimised your pages for, that are relevant to the services you deliver to your clients.  Search engine optimisation is the process of helping your target audience find you when looking for the services, information and/or products that you deliver.  These are natural search results and are not paid adverts.

Some examples of how to get found and rank well in organic search include:

  • Using keywords strategy and compiling high traffic keywords
  • Link building to improve back links to other same sector sites
  • Writing good content that is informative, engaging and interesting that captures your target audiences’ interest
  • Social media can help your organic ranking as it signals to Google your popularity with the level of engagement you have from your audience

So why should you invest in organic search?

Organic search is an investment of time and with time and effort will grow along with your business. Organic SEO relies on your hard work in creating a website that is user friendly and has content that will engage your readers.

Here are some of the benefits of organic SEO.

  • Engagement – Generates more clicks as the organic site offers more relevance in the content for keywords searched.

  • Getting found online – Ranking organically will last longer in the search results page

  • Reputation – Build trust in users looking for quality sites

  • ROI –  Cost effective when compared to paid listings

  • Key words – Organic search is likely to get more loyal customers as they will always find you when searching using relevant keywords

  • Social links – With organic ranking your site will be found for what people are searching for. If the key words you have optimised are aligned with relevant and informative information on the page, people will engage with your content resulting in them staying longer on your website and therefore improving bounce rate.

A great way to measure your efforts and to see the impact is to track your website traffic with Google webmaster tools. This gives an insight to how well your site is functioning and to track visitor’s interaction with your site.

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