When was the last time you noticed a piece of great design? Was it in a building, on a website, in a logo, on an advert? Design is all around us. Some of it’s great; some of it is not so great. How design makes us feel, think and react is what’s most important about it. Design needs to make an emotional connection in order for it to be meaningful and you can apply this thinking to any genre.


There are many different types of design: brand design, packaging, graphic design, website design, product design, interior design, building design to name just a few. Each and everyone of them are unique in their own right but there are some principles that underpin all of them. One of those principles is the psychology of design.

The psychological theories of Gestalt, developed by German psychologists in the 1920s, still resonate today and permeate many aspects of modern design. Broadly speaking, Gestalt theories explain how our brain organises visual elements into groups so that they become more orderly, symmetrical and simple. By using these principles in design you can make it more visually appealing, impactful and memorable. When you combine these elements with semiotics and colour theory you can start to create design that means something to people and makes that all-important emotional connection.

Connecting with your Audience Generates you more Business

So, great design requires an understanding of psychology, how we behave and what causes us to respond. When we can match design to behaviour then that response will be so much greater. This is essentially why digital design agencies exist. Businesses of all shapes and sizes, whether selling products, services or both will benefit from the power of great design. It is the designer’s job to match that design to their target audience to elicit the best possible response.

Creating a simple, meaningful and rewarding experience for your customers is what great design aims to achieve. It should draw you in, make you feel comfortable, confident and create trust. When it fails to do these things your business can lose traction and miss out on opportunities.

The Bar has been Raised on User Experience

The user experience is now more important than it’s ever been. Big brands such as Apple and Amazon understand this and to a large extent, they have raised the bar when it comes to how we experience their brands. Whether through sleek design, smart packaging or sophisticated online experiences we have now come to expect this in our everyday lives. When we see poorly designed websites, emails etc and experience problems of online navigation and making a purchase we react to it and take our business elsewhere, often sharing our negative experience online through social media. That is the reality of running a business today and it’s something that all business owners need to be mindful of.

The design experience that we have can swiftly shape the perceptions of a brand, whether good, bad or indifferent. This is why the art of design matters and why it should be a fundamental part of your thinking when it comes to marketing your business.


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