The psychology behind landing pages and their impact on return on investment

Having an optimised and effective landing page can drastically change your conversion rates. That’s why many experienced internet marketers consider landing pages to be one of the most important elements of marketing today. In order to understand the psychology behind landing pages and to evaluate their impact on ROI, you need to learn more about the basic principles of creating such pages. If you follow these basic rules, you can expect high return of investment and increased conversion rates. In this blog we will take you through some of these basic principles.

For starters, your main goal should be to redirect visitors to a targeted and relevant page. Instead of sending them to your homepage, where website owners usually include short descriptions about everything visitors can find on the website, you should send them to a separate page where visitors will be urged to take specific actions.

Another thing that is really important is consistency. Starting from the advert itself, followed by the landing page and ending with the final action, everything should be consistent. Obviously, we are talking about elements like design, tone, messages etc. The user should get what they expect when they end up on your landing page. You should never mislead the visitors because they’ll just end up disappointed, they’ll think less of your brand and basically, your campaign will end up failing. When it comes to landing pages it’s not about web traffic in general, it’s all about targeted web traffic and making sure that you’re attracting the right people to your offer.

Many marketers put a lot of words, images and videos on their landing pages. The fact is that your landing page should be concise and precise and, above all, cut to the chase. There is no need for long introductions and to explain things in loads of detail. The landing page should contain the most important information and what’s even more critical – why your visitors should take a certain action. One of the best ways to grab the attention of visitors is to use a clear and eye-catching headline. You need to succinctly capture the attention of your audience and intrigue them enough to carry on reading.

If you are planning to target different categories of users, it’s a good idea to create several different landing pages for every category. By doing this you will maximise the effects of these pages in the best possible way. It’s also possible to create special landing pages that change depending on the location of your visitors, so the more sophisticated your approach can be, the better the results you are likely to achieve.

Finally, you should not forget the importance of your CTA (call to action). Pay special attention to this element and create a suitable CTA that tells your visitors precisely what they need to do next. If your landing page is a little bit longer than usual, it’s a smart idea to repeat the CTA a few times throughout the page so that your visitors can immediately see what they need to do.

The creation of landing pages is not difficult and with professional help you can expect a high return of investment. Contact us now and we’ll take you through how to create effective landing pages for your business.

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