How colour can help companies with organisation and management.

Colour helps people to learn, it helps people to be organised and it gives people an identity. In design, the meaning of colour goes behind the mere html colour codes and colour palette options. It is about how it improves the user experience and how it helps the world to communicate. Colour forms a big part of a strategy for a company, it impacts the people that come to your website and whether they make it to the checkout or whether they even move off the first page. Colour can be used to make people’s lives easier, I’m sure that should any company or person approach me with how they run their day to day – there would be a way to make it run more smoothly with the use of colour.

I have opened myself for challenges – please I employ you to fire them my way

So here is some background

Okay so today I had a very interesting conversation with a guy called Johnny Cullen who established a company called ‘Euston Do You Copy’ – hats off to the greatest company name for a copywriter… ever! We spoke about colour and learning and life. A funny conversation for people to have that have only met once and that is via Skype. I actually learnt something quite profound about the way I live, the way I have always lived. Something that I just do subconsciously, that I just assumed the rest of the world was doing. It affects every aspect of my life and somehow I forget to notice. It is something that makes my life that little bit more functional that little bit more organised and I guess that little bit easier to understand. So let me let you into a secret.

I will start from the beginning or at least when I really started to notice…

My background is that I was a secondary school teacher, teaching design and technology. I taught the design process and a significant lesson was colour theory, well actually it wasn’t that significant then but let me tell you how I wish I had taught it when I was there, or at least how I am trying to make up for it now with this blog.

When I used to say colour theory it meant one thing to my class (or at least that is what they thought), which was that the primary colours are red, blue and yellow… and that’s it.   In my world colour means much more than this, it’s even quite exciting and dare I say it, abiding by my rules of colour makes me happy.

In my teaching life I used colour for learning and organisation in a number of ways, one of which was my seating plans. If you looked at my seating plans, they were a visual piece of art in their own right. I used to digitally create my seating plans and assign colours for students who had specific learning needs. This sounds simply, right? But what this did was enable me to be able to, in one quick glance know what learning needs students in my class had. Not only this, I could rearrange them into groups that would support and stretch their learning, pretty cool right? Now I know you are thinking, you should know all your students like the back of your hand as a teacher and you are completely correct, but this is the beauty of this. I could tell you in a glance even if I had only met them on paper. You could walk into my classroom and ask me what learning needs students in a particular group had and I could list them. Not because I had memorized them either… just because my mind had used colour to enable me to remember important information. It didn’t just end here; I would plan entire activities based around colour with post stick notes and even laser engraved lollipop sticks, but I’m sure I can tell you those stories another time.

Let me give you some more recent examples and I am sure you could spot some on this website. The company logo is orange, so are my office blinds and even my office bin but it isn’t just about the fact of wanting all things matching, it’s much more than that. Colour gives companies an identity, if I said orange and a store for DIY – what company would I be talking about? You guessed it B&Q. There’s a reason for this, it’s not just a coincidence.

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